1) The Adventure begins immediately!

We have all heard the phrase, “Are we there yet?” This is due to being cooped up in a car, van or truck. You are primarily confined to little or no space for hours on end, anxiously awaiting your destination. With RV Travel, you are able to have the space and freedom to roam a bit. You can use the restroom, without searching for a restroom or stopping, comfortable play a card game and look for snacks (which stay cool) in the fridge. The boredom potential drops immensely with RV Travel!

2) Quality Family Time

Yes, we can can all fly or ride together via, plane, train or automobile, but you can make the most of your familial interactions in an RV. Remember that card game mentioned above? Well there are plenty of board games to choose from for your next family trip, also!


3) Convenience

Every plan a trip and due to the travel medium(s) selected you can make the most of it due to time? Well in an RV, you can monopolize on your time. If you are headed to say Vegas…why not stop and check out that Alien Jerky experience that is one two exits away. Once you indulge on your celestial treat, you can sit a while and enjoy your RV before heading back on the road. You are the master of your own journey. The Autonomy is real!


4) Educational

We live in the GPS era, just a few buttons pushed can streamline you to your next destination. However, in ancient times (more like a decade ago. lol) families would read maps to find their way. If you are traveling with children or young adults you could introduce this ancient and potentially life saving survival skill. When we can not be reliant on technology some old fashion map reading goes a long way.



So Empathy RV sleeps 8! Do I even need to expand on this? Nope. So, I won’t. jk! Okay so let me be captain obvious and touch a bit on the savings:

Hotel: You would need at least 2 hotel rooms to accommodate 8 people!

Food: MMMM Food! A big part of travel is Experiencing new restaurants, but do you really want to eat out for every meal? Why not cook up a few family favs right there in the RV. This would save so much money! This way you can buy more souvenirs…which brings me to my next topic…

SPACE: You ever pack two suitcases thinking this should be more than enough. Just to find yourself trying to “sit and zip” them later due to all of the cool items you acquired while on your journey? Yea…me neither. Jk! I do it every trip! With airline hikes in baggage fees, that is one less thing to worry about. Saving money!

Travel coasts: Plane/bus/train tickets for each individual can add up. However if costs can be split with on RV. Just picture the savings.

Well this has been fun!

Please let me know what you think…or if you have any more great reasons why RV Travel is the way to go!