Whether you are planning a weekend getaway with your family or a vacation, RV camping is one of the top choices. However, if you are not an RVer, there are several things you should understand. Firstly, you need to decide whether to buy or rent an RV. The two choices have their pros and cons but if you research well you can end up making the right choice. For first-timers, renting an RV is advisable because it helps one determine the right class type to buy when that time comes, decide if RV life is worth it, estimate RV camping life and enjoy RV camping. However, what should you consider when renting an RV? Some of the factors you should consider to make the right choice are:

Knowing the different types of RVs


There are different classes of RV with different features to suit different needs. Therefore, you need to research thoroughly to choose the RV type that will suit your needs and budget. The common RV types are a towable travel trailer, fifth wheel camper, class A motorhome and class.


Know where to rent an RV


There are numerous companies offering RV rentals at different costs and places. Some of these companies are professional ad reliable while others are just there to make money. You will have to search for motorhome rentals near me if you are looking to rent from a local RV rental company.


RV rental deposit and insurance


Depending on the company you?ve chosen, you may have to pay a security deposit (which is refundable when you return the RV in undamaged condition) and insurance. If the rental company is not offering insurance, it is advisable to get it on your own just in case of an accident or injuries.

Rental Costs


It is important to understand that the rate of renting an RV will go up during the peak season because of the demand. Also, the costs vary from one RV rental company to another and you should research well to save costs. You are also supposed to determine the services offered by the rental company, its reliability, customer relations and reviews from other clients. With such information, getting a reliable motorhome rental is easy.


What are you supposed to know about RV camping?


Now that you have the RV, there are some tips which can make your trip and camping a success. Camping tips you should know of are:


Know your RV


After you?ve rented an RV, get to know it to help you prepare in case of an emergency. Therefore, you can take a practice drive to understand how the RV runs, if it has any problems and help you make any adjustments if needed.

Carry your tools and spare parts


Anything can happen while driving or camping and you should always be prepared. Therefore, make sure you bring a toolbox and spare parts just in case. Bulb lights, extra fuses, nuts, and bolts are some of the spare parts you should carry.


Plan in advance


Before you leave your home, plan for the following:



  • Your budget by allocating food, fun and other expenses
  • Your food supply
  • The route to economize on gas, save time and avoid inconveniences
  • The stops. If you need to make any stops while driving e.g. to see beautiful places or sceneries. This is where you include all your vacation ideas depending on your schedule
  • You are required to plan where to camp, consider its security and availability of amenities


After gathering everything you need for your drive and camping, you need to countercheck to ensure you?ve not left anything behind. Remember, if you have pets, children or other members of your family, you will need comprehensive planning in advance due to the vast needs.