What to Bring Camping

There is no doubt that RV camping is heaps of fun but to make it even better, you need to make sure that you take a few must-have products. This RV essentials checklist is really important for when you are about to go on a camping trip so check it out below.


First Aid Kit

When you are out and about in a new setting, you never know when a first aid kit might come in handy. This kit has everything you might need in case of minor incidents like falls and bites. This can really save the day so make sure to pack it before you set off in your RV and it will help to put your mind at ease.


Insect Repellent

Insect bites are annoying and can really put a dampener on a camping trip. This is why insect repellent has made a prided place on this RV camper checklist. Depending on what time of year you are camping, there will probably bugs of some kind to contend with. Spray this high-quality insect repellent on yourself to avoid those annoying creatures getting at you.


Insulated Underwear

You probably have not even thought about this but keeping warm in all those important areas is really important when you are camping. This insulated underwear is really popular and should definitely be something that you consider taking camping with you or even just putting on beforehand. You won’t realize the full advantages of this product until you wear them but when you do, you will be so glad you added them to your RV camping checklist.



Cell Signal Amplifier

If you are wondering what is a big safety item to take camping, it is definitely a cell signal amplifier. You never know when you might need to call someone, it could even save your life if something happens during the trip. Cell service might not be great where you are so this cell signal amplifier is a product that you need. This particular item works really well for giving you service to make a call when it seems like all hope is lost. This is probably the most important item for your RV camper checklist and you also make sure your phone is fully charged before you set off.



Depending on how long you are camping and where in the world you are, it’s always best to have some sunscreen packed in your belongings. The sun is blazing down on you in the great outdoors and the last thing you want to happen is to get a severe sunburn/heatstroke which cuts the trip short. This is a great sunscreen and will do the job of protecting you from the harmful UV rays very well.




Make sure your camping trip goes as smoothly as possible by packing the right equipment for comfort and any emergencies that might need tending to. The mentioned items are great quality, affordable and recommended for your RV essentials checklist.